Big House Publishing | New York-based Full Service Indie Music Publisher Home

The Team

Christian is the drawer of pies, explaining with gusto to all the world how publishing really works. He’s also the Co-Founder, our CEO, the one who handles contracts, guides the catalog’s growth goals and sonic direction, and — his favorite (not!) budgets. Hailing from Haiti, Panama and France, his background is steeped in publishing, music production, bookings, and bass.  His family marketing/print/design business also gave him direct experience in these areas, as the company’s focus client base were major record labels, He is Jack’s pappa, and can eat more than any other slender person alive, loves burgers and pizza, digs cigars and good whiskey.

Krista co-founded the Big House companies with Chris, bribed by a bag of gumballs.  She is the VP, heads licensing, handles marketing and the custom music dept.  A true New Yorker, her background is expansive: she practically grew up in studios, at NYU managed bands and ran music events, was an advert exec, a tv commercial producer, marketing EVP, adjunct professor, etc. She’s Jack’s mamma, likes to play cowbell, can dance her butt off, brews mean pots of coffee and treats the staff to the occasional home-cooked meal.

Xose has been the third arm of the Big House companies since their inception. His presence is large: his iron fist in staff and systems operations, rigorous vocal coaching, his giving of feet-dangling bear hugs (don’t even try a handshake), hilarious humor, odd love of glam-pop music, and his fatherly and motherly ways to us all. From HR to operations to strategic alliances and office dusting, he is incomparable. He’s the easiest of all to bribe: bring hot sauce.


Hailing from Dublin, we call Shane the Englishman. He heads up A&R quite obsessively – always on the talent hunt, keeps a newsletter going to our roster, and even fields all sorts A&R duties from girl-advice to helping better arrangements. He keeps our roster growing with fresh, new talent by actually being in the field. An ex-punker, Shane keeps his refined ways in tact until good news arrives, at which point he’ll jump up and do quite a dance. Tomatoes and cucumbers scare him.

Jack holds the title of Asst. Accounts Receivable. It is our duty to be diligent and collect fees due our clients, and so we naturally employed a pitbull of a dog. Though quite chicken-like when it comes to other dogs, loud noises, being petted over his head, and afraid of his own farts, Jack is quite fearless in protecting both company members and our songwriters in ensuring timely collections. When not working, Jack likes to play tug-o-war with a rag, eat carrots and hang out with his bestie, Olivia. He loves music and is a performing artist himself – as a singer, he debuted on YouTube, covering Jay-Z’s “Kingdom Come” and has also sung on “Paper Planes” by M.I.A. He’s a social butterfly so friend him!

Board & Advisors

Susan is Phoebe’s mom and a kickass Karate kid. She also happens to have been in this business for-everrrr:  BFA from the Hartt School of Music;  started at Elias Associates; broadcast music production at Young & Rubicam; and, landing a 15-year executive stint at EMI Music Publishing. She’s now spent the last several years co-heading the Music and Licensing Dept. for Platinum Rye Entertainment LLC, the world’s largest entertainment consulting firm and talent buyer, representing clients such as P&G, Pepsi, Crown Imports, Microsoft and various advertising agencies. In 2013, she was nominated as Music Supervisor of the Year by the Libera Awards.

Dick was our first Board member, and is as hands-on as ever. As a music industry maven and digital entertainment executive, he boasts over three decades of experience in the recorded music and interactive media industries, is a member of NARAS (Grammys) and has served an advisor to companies such as Songza, StudioOne Media, TriPlay (MyMusicCloud), Music X-Ray, Crowdmix, FreeAllMedia, MediaNet and He also serves as President at Big House Independent Music Group, BHP’s affiliated record label. His record label career included Columbia, PolyGram, Arista and Epic Records in both senior marketing and A&R positions, and finding or building the careers of Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Aimee Mann, Eddy Grant, amongst others. Dick is the beloved source of much wisdom to the whole staff.

Meet Peter Thall, our attorney extraordinaire! He’s the real star amongst us, as all things begin and end with the legal protection of the rosters’ rights and protection of their creative property. A veteran of more than 45 years of practicing law with a speciality in music law, Peter has represented artists from Kiesza to Simon & Garfunkel, Barry Manilow, Hall & Oates, The Average White Band, ABBA, The Cars, Foreigner, Pat Benatar, etc. AND  producers of such contemporary artists as Billy Joel, Weezer, Hole, Nada Serf, D Generation, Will Smith, Boyzone, etc. , AND singer/songwriters from Ric Ocasek and James Taylor to the author of Disney’s Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dreamworks’ The Prince of Egypt, AND composers of Godspell and Wicked, AND corporations utilizing music such as Victoria’s Secret, Express, Henri Bendel, The Gucci Group. He is heavily involved in the classical music world, is the author of one of the industry bibles “What They’ll Never Tell You About The Music Business,” is active in the music community…and…if you want to see his huge bio, check it out here!

Dave “D.J.” McLachlan is Uncle Dave. D.J. has been in the music and entertainment industry since the early 1960’s, including his executive leadership as a top artist manager at APA Talent & Literary Agency. From representing Darryl Jones from The Rolling Stones, Wynton And Branford Marsalis, and Johnny Cash as agent, 1st Major international agent to sign Harry Connick, Jr., to currently owning his own management company and several publishing companies, he is busy every day handling the inimitable 13-time Grammy winner Jerry Douglas, The Earls of Leicester, and more. Dave is a non-stop source of advice, referrals and uncle-ness to Christian and Krista. With offices in New York and Nashville, D.J. runs McLachlan Management, International.

Azar consults for BHP for song-cutting. Starting as a DJ and in the promo department of Interscope Records in L.A., she moved on to her own shows on college and community radio stations in Montreal, Canada. Her all-female hiphop radio show Cypher on CKUT 90.3FM garnered international attention from 1998-2003. Over her early career, Azar became the urban EJ at FLIPR, produced and released a 12″ on her own imprint that received accolades, graduated from NYU’s Music Business Graduate Program, and ran the operations of Day By Day Entertainment, a national indie distribution company based in NYC and was responsible for over 15 releases.  Azar hit her pace while in the A&R Department of Universal Motown Records, and then at 1st Class Entertainment, the company responsible for the industry’s most influential showcase, R&B Live.  She currently runs her own artist management company, two kids, and two dogs.