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Teenage Love Premiere “You Can Touch Me”: Exclusive – Music & Other Drugs

Teenage Love Premiere “You Can Touch Me”: Exclusive – Music & Other Drugs

Music and Other Drugs is proud to present musical duo Teenage Love’s brand new single “You Can Touch Me.” Teenage Love is composed of Anna Lidell and Katy Gunn. Their story is unique, as Anna is from Copenhagen and Katy lives in Brooklyn, New York. The two met in New York City, and began to make magic. The new single “You Can Touch Me” was birthed from Katy Gunn’s experience in Denmark.

“After noticing how shy Danish men were (comparatively to New York City), – and one in particular whom she was interested in, she realized she would have to be more direct to get any action.”

The phrase “You Can Touch Me” was birthed from this very incident, and created Teenage Love’s golden electro-pop track. The upbeat track is brought to life in Teenage Love’s colorful visual of the track. This duo truly brings love and life into their music. Check out an exclusive premiere of “You Can Touch Me.”

Directed by A Drenna Production.
Music: Teenage Love, Katy Gunn & Anna Lidell
Main actors: Sofia Saaby Mehlum and Martin Schiøtt Paaskesen
Instruktør og producer: Andrea Stief
Foto: Morten Jensen
Klip: Mie Sofie Nielsen
Line Producer: Mathilde Staal Borup
Scenograf: Amalie Valentine MaKé
Gaffer: Mario Samuel Scharff
Location: Ida Blinkenberg Lidell & Kasper Dam Mikkelsen
Thanks to: Andreas Pinstrup Jørgensen, Rezwan Farmi, Sebastian Rønde Thielke, Vibe Kathrine Fangel-Hansen, Lise Bech Olsen, Maria Wedel Søe, Nicci Duus Alex, Paul Colcer, Big House Co.

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