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New Signing:: Stavro T

Big House Publishing is pleased to announce the signing of Stavro T – songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.
Stay tuned!

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Learn more about Raveena Here!

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The Nashville Scene rated it one of the Top Ten Local Albums of the Year, writing that Ponychase’s music “can fill dance floors, but it does so while tackling tough issues and sounding damned good in the bargain.”

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Raveena – “1991”

Read on Complex – Pop-soul newcomer Raveena has a new single, and it is practically tailor-made for summer. “1991” is the first track to be heard from Maintain, a nine-track compilation directly benefiting Research Autism. Xander “Kromagnon” Knight provides production though its primary function is clearly to giveRaveena’s delicate vocals enough room to breathe and flourish. A giddy, loved-up celebration of the naivety of young love, “1991” has “BBQ playlist” written all over it. Listen exclusively below, and get your free copy of Maintain from theLimited Health website on June 1.

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SXSW::The Hoot-Hoots

“…when considering this from a songwriting perspective, the transitions and overall flow of a song is directly influenced by the very inclination to infuse this variety.  What I’m also impressed with is their ability to boisterously belt lyrics about outer space and somehow seem tender at times as well- even in the same song.  They’re a strange amalgam of influences, that bunch, and really, they are an incredible live band.”

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Francis Mercier

Francis Mercier, is an international DJ born in New York City and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. His diverse background, in combination with his Ivy League education at Brown University, have greatly influenced and informed the evolution of his style, for which he has become renowned.

28 January 2015 New Signings Read more

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