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PRESS RELEASE: Big House Additions

New York-based Big House Companies (home to Big House Labs, Big House Publishing, Big House Recordings) gives an update on acquisitions, alliances and business deals.

Talent Acquisitions/Projects:

Big House has penned a two album and one documentary deal with the still-current legendary producer duo, Sly & Robbie. A studio album is in the works with heavyweight featurings and co-production.

Big House Recordings and Big House Publishing, has inked a deal, terms undisclosed, with Bronx-based rapper Young Ash. Big House Recordings, an indie development label re-launched in 2016 and has been working with Young Ash since summer 2016. The A&R teams at Big House Publishing and Big House Recordings and her team have focused mainly on writing for her upcoming project, alongside talent such as Dillon Francis, Black Caviar, Shamtrax, Cody Bars, Corey Chorus, REO, Ben Alessi, Stavros, Jon Moodie, Direckt, Brandi Solomon and Abstrxkt among others. Her first release under Big House’s roof will be a hot drop to be announced day of release – a Spanish, electronic reggaeton record.

Big House Publishing has also inked a deal with Greek NY-based producer and songwriter Stavros Tsarouhas. The four year deal has had Stavros in the studio almost non-stop since fall 2017, working with roster mates on the publishing arm, as well as acts signed to sister-company Big House Recordings, Universal, Warner, RCA and Republic Records. Since September, Stavros has more than 20 potential song cuts, many advancing to release this summer.

Notably, Big House Recordings has signed another Greek artist, DJ Mossel, an electronic producer/DJ who is a rising festival and touring performer, and Ahsha, a NY/Russia-based artist who’s first featuring, “Fancy Things,” dropped in 2017.

Three other signings are in final negotiations, to be announced in the summer.

Alliances and Business Deals:

Initiated by Doug James, Sync-LA for Big House and ex-Head of Film/TV sync at EMI and Capitol, Big House Publishing (BHP) has signed a pre-cleared deal with NBC. This deal gives the indie publisher a continuous opportunity for their growing roster for placement in any and all of NBC’s programming, including subtitled, international programming with global visibility. NBC’s shows include hits such as 30 Rock, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, The Good Place, Law and Order, Shades of Blue, This Is Us and Will & Grace.

Big House Recordings has signed a non-exclusive distribution deal with InGrooves, and a cross-property promotional deal with Univision for its newest publishing and label artist (to be announced in May, 2018 at the time of record-drop).

Finally and currently, Big House Publishing is in contract stage with a yet-unnamed international music company to bolster their offerings to their publishing roster and to handle the administrative portion of their catalog worldwide. Details will be announced by the administrating publisher soon.

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Carlin Music UK :: Sub-Publishing Deal

​​Big House Publishing has signed a three-year sub-publishing agreement with London-based music publisher, Carlin Music UK. The deal will enable Big House’s roster to penetrate the UK market and open opportunities for collaborations in synchronization licensing, song-cuts, co-writes and artist development.

Big House Publishing is an independent, full-service music publishing firm that prides itself on being a home for both burgeoning and experienced writers and performing artists with a niche strength and service focus on emerging artists and artist development. Carlin Music is the largest of the few remaining independent music publishers in the UK, and is still owned by the family of its founder, music industry legend, Freddy Bienstock. The catalogue encompasses every conceivable style – from jazz, country and R&B to soul, pop, rock, dance and Musical Theatre – while Leiber & Stoller, Pomus & Shuman, Stephen Sondheim, Phil Spector, Kander & Ebb, Ray Davies, Cliff Richard, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin, Jim Steinman and, of course, Elvis Presley are just some of Carlin’s distinguished songwriters and composers. Carlin continues to have Top 10 hits with artists such as Black Eyed Peas,Kanye West, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Michael Bublé, 50 Cent,, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Massive Attack, Bruno Mars, Robbie Williams and Jessie J to name but a few, demonstrating the variety and timelessness of Carlin’s catalogue.

Peter Thomas, Managing Director of Carlin Music UK, states, “I am delighted to announce our new deal to represent and work with Big House Publishing. In just a few short years Christian and Krista have built an impressive reputation with an incredible portfolio of writers, artists and producers and we are privileged to have this opportunity to work with them.”

Big House Publishing’s Co-Founder & Head of Licensing, Krista Retto, adds, “From the very first call with Peter, the excitement between us bubbled over. It was like we had known and worked with them for years but had discovered long, lost secrets we’re just dying to share. I’m extremely proud and hopeful for the opportunities we will explore together for our stable of writers, producers, bands and solo acts – particularly in sync from my perspective, but also heftily across co-writes and collaborations. The UK market is extremely important to our rosters’ growth.”

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Sub-Publishing Deal With Cafe Concerto


Big House Publishing, an emerging leader in the independent music publishing, announces a three-year sub-publishing agreement with Italian-based music publisher, Café Concerto, in order to continue expansion into the Italian market.

Big House Publishing has signed a three-year sub-publishing agreement with Italian-based music publisher, Cafe Concerto. Big House Publishing is an independent, full-service music publishing firm that is home to both “young and experienced writers and performing artists alike” with a niche strength and service focus on emerging artists and artist development. Cafe Concerto, founded in 1996, is one of Italy’s most esteemed independent publishing houses, administering the catalogs of Walt Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, ABC, Bourne, Imagem, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Shapiro, Royalty Network and many others. In addition, Cafe Concerto’s founder, Federico Monti Arduini, sits on the Board of Directors of Italian performing rights organization Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE).

Peter Thall, Big House Publishing’s attorney who enthusiastically introduced the companies says of Cafe Concerto, “Café Concerto is the premier music publisher in Italy, whose staff far surpasses those of many of the majors whose catalogues are huge multiples of theirs.  The time and attention they give to American publishers and to their writers and producers makes one feel as if you are their only client – even as much of their strength comes from the depth of their catalogue within every genre of contemporary music.”

Big House Publishing’s CEO, Christian Cedras, adds, “In our ongoing effort to find foreign partners who are both strong in their respective territories and like-minded in achieving cross-platform exposure for our music and artists, including synch and co-writes, we are thrilled to sign with Café Concerto. As a family-run business, they are based upon strong, clear values and a fierce work ethic.  We’ve already seen the truth of this in play as though the deal is new they are already hard at work with our team.”

To learn more about both companies, visit the official websites listed below. For more information, contact or Krista Retto at for licensing.


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Sub-Publishing Deal With Downtown Music Publishing Benelux

Big House Publishing, a boutique, independent music publisher, announces another new sub-publishing deal, this time with Downtown Music Publishing Benelux. Big House will work closely with their A&R department for co-writing, topline, custom opportunities, and their sync department. Downtown Music Publishing Benelux will serve to collect royalties across the territories covered in the agreement.


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Sub-Pub Deal with ROBA Music Publishing

Read on Newswire Big House Publishing has signed a three-year sub-publishing deal with German-based music publisher, ROBA Music Publishing for representation in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Big House Publishing is an independent, full-service music publishing firm that is home to both “young and experienced writers and artists alike” with a niche strength and service focus on emerging artists and artist development. ROBA is among the top German music publishers and has firmly left their mark on the industry by representing more than 300,000 publishing rights of artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tokio Hotel and Black Eyed Peas alongside more than 100,000 master rights for digital distribution and compilations. Founded in 1998, ROBA has also become one of the leading firms in production and marketing of performing acts, television, sports and film.

Big House Publishing’s CEO, Christian Cedras, comments, “We were exhilarated when Christian Baierle, ROBA’s CEO, reached out to us. It is always invigorating to work with someone who shares your ideals, vision and sonic landscape. I am very confident that we will be able to parlay this partnership to mutually strengthen our teams. The entire BHP Family is eager to work with such creative minds.”

Krista Retto, Big House Publishing’s Head of Licensing, follows, “With ROBA, we’ll be working in a full capacity, and that’s what excites me most. Not just for sync, or just song-cutting, but with each of their departments, opening these territories to our writers, producers and composers under the wing of a very strong partner. Our growth goals for next year now include quite a bit of work overseas.”

To listen to both company’s full rosters, visit the official websites listed below. For more information, contact or Krista Retto at for licensing.

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AM Aesthetic Drops Album “Future Tense”

Read on — AM Aesthetic are a three-piece alternative rock band hailing from New York, recently named ‘Discovery of the Week’ by the influential and finding themselves garnering increasing radio play. Having released acclaimed EPs in 2009 and 2012, as well as a couple of songs from this album, this full-length debut is highly anticipated. Their music melds various influences like heavy-riffing rock bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Royal Blood, whilst being vocally reminiscent of The Strokes and The Black Keys.

The heavier influences manifest on their opening track ‘In Demand’, a powerful slab of surging alt. rock with Rob Sucheki’s distorted vocals intoning “We all want everything, but we’ll take anything at all…” on the memorable chorus. There is a meaty riff in the middle that you can imagine the moshpit loving when they play it live and it starts the album off strongly. The second song ‘I Can Tell’ has a more commercial feel with a catchy see-saw lead riff and a simple hook that sticks in the mind after one listen. It shows their ability to structure and craft a song, and understandably it is the lead-off single from the album.

The third track ‘The End’ is more mid-paced with a deliciously brooding Teen Spirit-esque bassline from Pat Raimondi coupled by alternating, chiming and jagged guitars. The chorus again has a simple hook (‘This is how the end gets told…’) aided by a haunting backing vocal. It also features a ripping guitar solo, showcasing Suchecki’s considerable playing ability (he is highly in demand as a session player). The solo seems to have been needlessly discarded in a lot of recent rock, so it’s nice to hear it done well here. The forth song ‘Weightless’ is a sinister and brooding track, containing pleasurable piano chords and sprawling distorted guitars that create kind of sonic velvet backdrop for the vocals that become progressively amplified, especially on the chorus.

The fifth song ‘We Caught Fire’ has an immediacy that marks it out as an obvious single. The verse has a Kings of Leon feel, bursting into a chorus with a Strokes-esque melody, though the lyrics are more Springsteen: “We caught fire, burned down the Western coast…we drove all night, kept to the desert road“. It has the anthemic quality that a band needs in order to become huge, in our opinion. Following this, the relatively gentle ‘Touch The Sky’ (Kittinger Complex) acts as a calm become the storm of seventh track ‘The Easy Life.

Starting with a demonic guitar riff that should have Josh Homme seething with envy, the song has an excellent quiet/loud dynamic and a superb short and effective hook: “The easy life is a simple slide away…”. It’s an exhilarating listen and my personal favourite on the album. Special credit should go to the drumming of RJ Dowhan who contributes some blistering fills and fires the music along. Track eight ‘Life Of The Party’ is another anthemic mid-paced song with an understated but memorable chorus, and some gorgeous guitar work towards the end.

‘Ghost In The Machine’ is the longest track on the album at over five minutes, and is the darkest song lyrically, with a suitably bleak soundscape encasing it. It is a slow-burning epic, gradually building to a powerful chorus. This is contrasted nicely by ‘Doubled Over’, a surging fast-paced rocker that injects some energy and excitement into the album, one of the more instant songs here. ‘Only Sunrise’ adds some rhythmic variation being in a lilting 6/8 time signature, and is one of the lighter, poppy moments on the album.

‘Losing’ is another solid piece of alt. rock though perhaps doesn’t stamp its sonic identity as well as most of the other tracks, and doesn’t feel as vital, but it’s still an enjoyable listen. Closing track ‘Sunshine’ is a moody, low-key finale that is perhaps the most modern sounding with its use of electronic sounds and atmospherics. Lyrically, it’s about the need to escape the humdrum of everyday life: “Can I get away? Need a little sunshine on my face….”

Overall, this is a consistently excellent modern rock album with no real weak links in the chain. AM Aesthetic combine the anthemic and commercial aspects of stadium rock like The Killers and Kings of Leon with the heavier elements of bands like QOTSA to produce a potent sound that has considerable across the board appeal and they are tailor made for American radio, in particular. We expect them to become as successful as any of those bands in the near future.

 Stream the album below and check out Future Tense on iTunes:

Produced by: AM Aesthetic
Mixed by: Jeremy Cimino  Mastered by: Carl Rowhatti
A&R: Shane Galvin
Executive Producers: Dick Wingate, Christian Cedras, Krista Retto
Label: BHi Music Group | PublisherLittle Big House Music (BMI)
US & Canada Distribution: Caroline

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BHP Inks Sub Publishing Deal – 21 Countries

New York, NY, July 22, 2013 –(– Big House Publishing (BHP) has signed a three-year sub-publishing deal with France-based boutique music publisher, Alter-K. Alter-K will represent Big House Publishing’s (BHP) catalog across 21 countries: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, and Russia. Alter-K is a music publisher and record label, who also offers music supervision and media consulting services.

Big House Publishing’s (BHP) CEO, Christian Cedras, comments, “We see Alter-K as a mirror of ourselves, but on the other side of the pond. We were thrilled when they reached out to us, as we had been looking for the right partnership for a while. Guillaume Heintzmann, Alter-K’s CEO, had the forethought to create a partnership that aims to capture every opportunity for their business, and we in turn aim to represent a portion of their catalog soon. It’s also invigorating to have a partner overseas whose own sonic direction reflects ours.” When asked about placement growth possibilities, Cedras continued, “Their placements and client base are in the higher ranks, marquis clients, and so we’re pleased that they, like us, shoot for that portion of the market. Our entire team is eager to work with such creative minds and pursue the fruits that this relationship will undoubtedly produce. Our head of licensing, Krista Retto, and I are especially excited at this expansive opportunity for our roster.”

Krista Retto follows, “No single publisher has all the contacts in the world, and this deal helps us reach deeper into desirable territories. It will be especially wonderful for those songwriters on our roster who are in the infancy of their careers. We include a fair percentage of our catalog’s composition with emerging artists, those currently sitting slightly under the industry’s radar bleep but whose international careers are obviously inevitable. The rapid exposure that they, in particular, stand to gain is totally profound.”

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