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Boutique, Full-Service Music Publishing House

Our house is full of writers and performing artists from thriving music scenes. Young or experienced, we nurture and develop not just “works” but platform-level careers, brands and artistic skills. We strive to maintain long relationships with our writers, happily busy in the daily work of co-writing, sync, and all aspects of growth. We are boutique in size, but one big family.

BHP’s catalog features a cherry-picked collection of releases and works by the known, and the ones who will be known, with a heavy emphasis on emerging talent. We also share a roof with our newly-launched sister record label, BHiMG.

What we do is holistic. How we do it — we believe that is what ultimately sets us apart. We source by listening and attending, not viewing, and treat each artist with the same fire that is in them to succeed. We find the trend-makers, the next gen, and we service the industry with a production-focused verve that is as hyper-driven as today’s rapidly changing market.

Co-writes – please contact our A&R Shane Galvin.

Sync – please contact Krista Retto.

Note that we maintain pub control. keep not just wavs but even stems on hand for rapid turnaround, and keep sync licensing easy-breezy.

How we do things

Client Services

Sync//Song-Cuts//Custom Music//Music Supervision

With a roster chock-full of emerging artist talent (bands, solo acts, producers, composers and songwriters), we strive to bring early-stage discoveries to brands and A-list talent.  All that alongside tasty pricing, incomparable quality, and, with our affiliated recording studios, the fastest custom production in the market today.

Songwriting & Album-Cutting – We work with our bevy of talented writers & producers closely to create songs for album-cuts for the A- and B-list talent at the majors.

Music Supervision – Our licensing team can creatively handle television commercials and film.





Artist Services


Sync – tv, film, radio, documentary, mobile, video, and more. Our sync efforts endeavor to get young and breaking talent placements in the higher stratosphere of this world with a focus on the bigger brands, full-length indie and feature films, and more.

Development – with true A&R efforts, we take a holistic approach to a career in publishing. From songwriting workshops, to organizing co-writes and pushing the creative boundaries, we aim for our writers to reach their true potential. 

Exposure – we exploit all platforms for total exposure: showcases, social media, intros to labels, radio, to ensure success.

Administration – transparent royalty accounting, rapid worldwide royalty collection and song registration.