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Big House Publishing, a boutique music publisher, joins with Music Works NYC, a premier studio located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, to further revolutionize the world of music publishing.
New York, NY, March 03, 2013 –(– Big House Publishing, a boutique music publishing agency largely focused in synchronization licensing, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Music Works NYC, a professional recording studio, beginning February 20, 2013.Under the leadership of CEO, Christian Cedras, Big House Publishing has joined forces with owner Chris Theberge of Music Works NYC in order to continue the push to revolutionize the world of music publishing. The joint venture is first meant to bolster Big House’s Music On Demand (MOD) program, which creates pristine customized music from start to finish for synchronization licensing, often in less than 48 hours. The venture will also allow Big House’s “Themes” program to develop, and songwriters and producers to work on song-cutting projects.Krista Retto, VP of Big House Publishing and Director of Licensing, explains, “Our JV does many good things. Firstly, it allows our songwriters, producers and composers a 24/7, on-demand, no-cost way to react to a growing need in brand-making music. There is a gap in between talent and facility; we bridge that gap. It also helps our agency clients get top-of-the-line music quickly, in response to the increasingly rapid demand of the digital age. Music is often left to the end of the production planning process, unfortunately. We hope to change that in the future. For now, we wish to help our clients get what they need.”

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