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Sub-Pub Deal with ROBA Music Publishing

Read on Newswire Big House Publishing has signed a three-year sub-publishing deal with German-based music publisher, ROBA Music Publishing for representation in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Big House Publishing is an independent, full-service music publishing firm that is home to both “young and experienced writers and artists alike” with a niche strength and service focus on emerging artists and artist development. ROBA is among the top German music publishers and has firmly left their mark on the industry by representing more than 300,000 publishing rights of artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tokio Hotel and Black Eyed Peas alongside more than 100,000 master rights for digital distribution and compilations. Founded in 1998, ROBA has also become one of the leading firms in production and marketing of performing acts, television, sports and film.

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Raveena – “1991”

Read on Complex – Pop-soul newcomer Raveena has a new single, and it is practically tailor-made for summer. “1991” is the first track to be heard from Maintain, a nine-track compilation directly benefiting Research Autism. Xander “Kromagnon” Knight provides production though its primary function is clearly to giveRaveena’s delicate vocals enough room to breathe and flourish. A giddy, loved-up celebration of the naivety of young love, “1991” has “BBQ playlist” written all over it. Listen exclusively below, and get your free copy of Maintain from theLimited Health website on June 1.

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SXSW::The Hoot-Hoots

“…when considering this from a songwriting perspective, the transitions and overall flow of a song is directly influenced by the very inclination to infuse this variety.  What I’m also impressed with is their ability to boisterously belt lyrics about outer space and somehow seem tender at times as well- even in the same song.  They’re a strange amalgam of influences, that bunch, and really, they are an incredible live band.”

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11 Songtitles In Indie Film “Love Addict”

11 BHP titles were selected for this Rom-Com, a full-length feature indie voted Best Comedy in the LA Comedy Awards — and two of the titles hold the prestigious placements as the open and the closing credits. Distro is expected to be across the US and in select foreign countries, and in theaters in 2015. Artists include: Abby Payne (open title), AM Aesthetic (closing credits), Alter-K‘s Nameless, Jay Rodriguez, Claude Gomis, iLow, The BGP, Jonathan Waxman, Angela Jane, Shan Kenner & Kidding On The Square. And, congrats to our very own Krista, who was awarded an assistant music supervision credit for her work for this film.


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AM Aesthetic Drops Album “Future Tense”

Read on — AM Aesthetic are a three-piece alternative rock band hailing from New York, recently named ‘Discovery of the Week’ by the influential and finding themselves garnering increasing radio play. Having released acclaimed EPs in 2009 and 2012, as well as a couple of songs from this album, this full-length debut is highly anticipated. Their music melds various influences like heavy-riffing rock bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Royal Blood, whilst being vocally reminiscent of The Strokes and The Black Keys.

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“From the Rabbit Hole” Double Vinyl Releases

From The Rabbit Hole” – a multi-genre limited-edition vinyl LP curated by indie label (BHi Music Group/BHiMG) and distributed by Caroline/Universal drops today. It spotlights 22 emerging indie artists from NY, and features 10 artists from the BHP catalog (highlighted in list below). Offering 22 singles, plus two bonus tracks when the full LP is downloaded, fans can get 24 tracks of the sounds rising from “the rabbit hole” – NY’s emerging music scene!

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