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I ADMIT IT: I Heart Coney Island

I ADMIT IT: I Heart Coney Island

It is time for another edition of my guilty pleasures. For those of you who have never been to NYC (or maybe just moved here) you have to make it down to Coney Island. Coney Island is located in B.F.E. if you live in Queens, Bronx, or Manhattan, but well worth the trek. I suggest you get up in the early-AM and make a whole day of it… than repeat! It is the only true way that you will enjoy your time there. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it kicks major ass.

The Subway Ride. I fell in love with the subway ride when I was living in Astoria, Queens — shout out to Lefkos Pyrgos for keeping my taste buds on fleek all those year! Anyhow, I lived off the last stop in Astoria and Coney Island is the last stop in Brooklyn off the D, F, N, Q trains. I would sit down with a book, or music in my ears, and just watch people. You would hear a dozen different languages being spoken at once, see all kinds of crazy characters and just take in the subway ride. Some times it was awesome to just reflect on life and the city I live in. Either way, the train ride is a good time to have inner dialog or chat with your bestie.

Nathan’s FamousSo you walk out of the subway terminal and there is a crazy, magical, wonderful vibe in the air. You’re there! You have no idea where the hell “there” is, but you made it, ma dude. Congrats! As you’re making your way through a small passage you open up to the beach and Nathan’s Famous is in front of you like some divine house of hot dog worship. Should you get crinkle fries? Chill dog? Maybe cheese on it? Nah, classic plain is ace… you just don’t know! Whateva yo pleasure, you’ll love the vibe.

The Boardwalk. 
This used to be ma thang. The best time to go is in the winter time when no one is there. It is extra-cold and you’ll need to bundle up real good. There is a calmness to the air and you can almost hear the laugher from the previous summer. You always see a fellow NYer out there who is doing the same thing, but looks at you like you’re the idiot for going in the middle of winter, he he. If the cold isn’t your thing, go in the summer. It is mad-crowded, but that is part of the charm.

New York Aquarium. This became one of my favourite places because I went there with my much older and much prettier sister, Naima — SHOUT OUT NAIMA! It was just a casual weekend and we decided to go see some fish. There was a seal… maybe a sea lion that did a little performance and I remember giving her a stank face. Either way, it was calming to see all the animals. And most of all it was great to spend time with someone you love. So go make a memory. It’s an awesome way to kill a few hours.

The Beach. Ahhh, there is nothing better than sand between your toes and salt in your hair. Some people will disagree, but I love swimming at Coney Island. The beach offers a chill view no matter where you’re at. Families and new friends are in no shortage and you can always find someone to share some food with you 🙂 You can even brave the beach in winter time… just don’t swim or you’ll die. My fav beach snack: Ramen noodles and tuna. Dead ass! 

Cyclone. Now, I have to admit that I have never been on the Cyclone. Every friggin’ time I have gone it was closed for some reason. But, I always imagine my sister Terrence (whaddup, Terrence?!) doing her best Mariah Carey “Fantasy” rendition and expect Ol’ Dirty Bastard to come up behind me. Regardless, I have committed that I will ride it one day no matter what.

Wonderwheel. Annnnnd… I have saved the best for last. Wonderwheel holds a lot of good memories for me and it will for you, too. Well, once you create them. The most fun I have ever had there was when my girlfriend Yackie was visiting from the West Coast and we almost died. Don’t believe me? Check it out: Here and here again.

So there! You have your to-do list for a day or two of fun in Coney Island. Grab your sweetie, your kids, or yourself and live it up.

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