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I ADMIT IT: I Heart Coney Island

It is time for another edition of my guilty pleasures. For those of you who have never been to NYC (or maybe just moved here) you have to make it down to Coney Island. Coney Island is located in B.F.E. if you live in Queens, Bronx, or Manhattan, but well worth the trek. I suggest you get up in the early-AM and make a whole day of it… than repeat! It is the only true way that you will enjoy your time there. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it kicks major ass. (more…)

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Michael Brun Is Bright and Bubbly on Ben Alessi ‘U’ Remix: Listen

Ben Alessi is an up-and-coming New York City singer-songwriter with a taste for the tropical and a love for the electronic. His voice is an instrument in itself on single “U” as he plays with melodies and staccato. There’s something in his delivery that says “Caribbean,” and now that Haitian-born Michael Brun has tackled the remix, it’s definitely got that island touch.

Brun turns the brightness up on the already-colorful tune. It’s bouncy and fun, the kind of tune you turn up on the perfect Saturday with friends. Just in time for the weekend. Check it out below.

Read on Billboard:

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My Advice? Fall On Your Ass!

Recently, I found myself having a conversation with a young exec who was sharing how excited he was about the next phase of his career. Suddenly (& oh so dramatically) our convo turned bleak as I asked, “What are you scared of?” The confidence and light drained from his eyes as he responded, “Failure.”



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Drink The Milk!

Why hello to you magical people who managed to Google my name (congrats on being able to spell “Mohamdioua”!) and found this post. If this if your first read or you follow my rambles I would like to welcome you to another moment in my life. I know, it has been a while and you have probably been exasperated in my absence. I’m sorry… I’M SORRY! But life has been busy lately w all our writers and collabs.


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Mother Knows Best

Now, I know that you have all gotten used to me rambling on in my blog posts about one subject, or another. But today, I wanted to take a different approach. Let’s keep things short and sweet.

For some reason, I have been having a lot heart-to-heart conversations with artists that have come through Big House’s doors. There is nothing I love better than being able to flex my big brother (more…)

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I ADMIT IT: I Heart Kitty

Welcome to another edition of “I ADMIT IT”.

I like to give our readers a glimpse at things that are frickin’ cool as all hell and today is no different. Today, I am featuring my nephew,  KITTY! [insert applause here]. For those of you who don’t have a doggy in your life — I am sorry. There is nothing better than coming home and feeling the unconditional love and excitement that is washed over you every time they see you.


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5 Questions Potential Interns Should Ask

What I love most about my job at Big House Publishing is the opportunity to sit and speak with the next generation of talent in our industry. It reminds me of when I got my first job in the music business. I just came off of a rather prestigious position in a completely different industry and was convinced I knew it all. I was young, hungry and (in reality) didn’t know my ass from my elbow. That morning when I woke up I knew exactly what I was going to do: walk in, tell them why I was so amazing and  be everyone’s boss in two months. When I stepped into the building my confidence washed away and I realized that this could possibly be the first step towards the rest of my life. That lion in me suddenly became a kitty-cat and I had to face the reality that maybe I wasn’t as experienced as I thought. But, fake it ’til ya make it, habibi. (P.S. your inner dialog is paramount!)


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