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PRESIDENTE all over Zumba

Penned by Big House’s Young Ash, produced by WOST and performed by Ginette Claudette licensed by Zumba in ZIN85 floods social media with thousands of choreography videos, generating millions of views.

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Queen Of The South S4 “Yo Quiero Bebe”

Young Ash with Ruxell’s powerful latin Brazilian smash lands in Queen Of The South.

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Young Ash X Ruxell – FIFA 2020

Performed and penned by BIG House’s writer Young Ash. Bump to “Yo Quiero Beber” while playing EA Sports Fifa 2020

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Written by BIG House writer Ashley Bautista. Composed by WOST and performed by Ginette Claudette.


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MUSIC PUBLISHING 101: A Little Something About Publishing

It’s 3:13am on a Saturday night and I am sitting down to write a post. (Shouldn’t I be at a venue, or at a cigar bar indulging a Johnny Black on the rocks?)

The moment someone hears I’m a music publisher, I often find myself explaining basics, what publishing is and how it works. Though I am passionate about the topic and the law’s simple intricacies, it sometimes get a bit tiring repeating oneself over and over again. Tonight I write a reference I can now point folks to (so I can head to a show or have a drink instead?). So please read this, set me free, and later we can talk shop from a better starting point.

So…What is music publishing?


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Medium Rare And Well Done #1

I had just moved to the city (NYC), alone and not knowing a soul, so my thing to do on Saturdays was roaming around town and find cool, low-key places with succulent burgers. Burgers make me happy and feel at home. Obviously I was always guided by my instincts, a folded and faded NYC map, and most importantly my true companion during that time was whatever tune was blaring through my early 2000 Bose headphones.


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