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YoungAsh is an artist of contradictions. A cheerleader who supports the underdog, whose music exists to offer support to girls with broken hearts while also emboldening women to be divas if they want to be. A musician who leaps from genre to genre without sounding contrived and without being a calculated act just to appeal to different audiences.

YoungAsh, born in the Bronx and only 21 years of age, has realized that her audience doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as being a defined, immutable thing. They are far more complex, more nuanced than that – just like herself. Her audience embraces the fact that she can switch from dancehall to trap, from R&B to rap and that her music is as suited to a hypercrazy party as it is to chilling at home or driving in your car. Everyone has different moods, different backgrounds, different ambitions – YoungAsh understands that and reflects that, but there’s more – she also acknowledges that how she feels now might not be how she feels in five years, five months, five minutes and she has every right to change her mind. That is her own right and her own responsibility – to make her own decisions whether ultimately right or wrong no matter what anyone else says. You might make mistakes but that’s the only way you learn, right?

YoungAsh’s influences include strong women such as Trina and Nicki Minaj and heavy-hitting legends such as Biggie and Jay-Z. She admires the no-nonsense attitude of all of these artists – honest, daring characters with independent minds and a self-assuredness. YoungAsh’s self-confidence can also be seen in her dancing skills – dancing pretty much out of the womb, she joined the Fancy Feet Dance School and later graduated to cheerleading gymnastics. But her inspirations also take in poetry, the sounds of the streets and storytelling. Not surprising considering YoungAsh is full of stories – a blabbermouth with funny, sensational touching tales that she so desperately wants to impart to her audience and to people that don’t know they are part of her audience yet! When an idea of great importance hits her (even her very first song was a commentary on how social media bullying was affecting someone she knew), the words come to her effortlessly. A natural storyteller and a gifted singer and rapper, YoungAsh has something to say and an exciting-dope way of saying it!