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Teenage Love

Teenage Love

Teenage Love


The story of Teenage Love begins when Copenhagen-based Anna Lidell took her first trip to the U.S., and met Katy Gunn through a mutual acquaintance in New York City. Within 30 minutes, Katy handed them the keys to her Brooklyn apartment and the two established a bond that would span across 2 continents. Pairing their skills as songwriters and producers, the two began making music as Teenage Love in May of 2014.

Within 48 hours of posting their first track on SoundCloud, Teenage Love was featured on Danish National Radio’s Karriere Kanonen. Soon after, Hilly Dilly discovered Gold, their playful tune on sex and love, writing, ‘…ambitious, playful…there’s a sense of fun surmised that simply can’t be duplicated with any other act out right now.’ Teenage Love’s debut EP showcases the duo’s penchant for catchy yet quirky vocal melodies, strings, original lyrics, and sparkling production. The Wild Mag calls them ‘fun, dynamic and original’.

Mostly performing at underground festivals and venues, Teenage Love’s live show consists of Katy Gunn on vocals, violin and synth, and Anna Lidell on vocals, live beats and samples. After briefly considering adding another live member, a loyal fan stated, ‘You can’t split the Teenage Love Pole!!! You guys go together like a gin and tonic – like biscuits and tea – no adding extra preservatives!!!’

Teenage Love is expanding its playful boundaries with new songs like the title track of their forthcoming EP, Sweater Face. Incorporating more aggressively-paced drums with wild signature vocals and brass, Teenage Love test the topic of friendship boundaries to its’ breaking point.

Remaining true to their sexy and playful nature, You Can Touch Me invites the shy man to go for it, capturing the initial electricity of attraction by using the sparkly production Teenage Love has become known for, along with delicious beats and rich vocal harmonies.

Maintaining innocence while flashing moments of wisdom, the next EP promises more energy, more playful anecdotes on life, and more reasons to dance. If you want to escape the jaded adult life and re-enter the realm of hope and your inner-child, Sweater Face is the EP for you…