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From the lush R&B, soul, and jazz colors on display, you might not guess that Raveena began as a folk singer, rooted in her conservative Sikh upbringing in Connecticut, plucking away at a ukulele. Raveena moved to New York at 17 to follow her dream of being a singer, delving deep into different pockets of the underground music scene and experiencing her own brushes with violence, loss, loneliness and grief along the way, diligently honing her craft as an anchor through it all.

At 22, she is a bit more rooted now. After amassing over half a million plays online from features and collaborations with various up and coming Soundcloud producers throughout 2014, she fortuitously connected with producer Everett Orr online in early 2015. They immediately formed a special and deep musical and emotional connection, and Raveena finally found the creative match she had been yearning for after years of singing and writing with a number of creative collaborators. Together they spent the next year crafting a powerful, lush, romantic soundscape; their own modern blend of R&B, soul, jazz, and hip-hop. Flashes of Raveena’s diverse and rich artistic influences – Sade, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, D’angelo to name a few- appear in the tracks, and a platform for a storied, bright, strong female voice emerged.

You will initially be enamored with her sensual and rich vocal candy, but know that Raveena is foremost a lover and disciple of poetry and language, and skillfully balances her wordplay somewhere between romantic, effeminate fluidity and a sharp, powerful, playful and youthful self-awareness. She hits audiences like a sonic aphrodisiac, allowing listeners to get lost in a cinematic moment by way of her dreamy sound collages. The words are packed with punch and delivered with an emotional intensity, but even so, Raveena’s lens seems to be permanently fixed at a softer focus. Young, passionate, and brimming with colorful stories to share, Raveena Aurora is a feminine force to be reckoned with.


Agency: Ellie Management

Phone: 917.549.8301


Artist/Writer Info

Nationality: American

Resident in: New York, NY