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Jon Moodie

Jon Moodie

Jon Moodie


The Catskills has always been a haven for artists but songwriter and performer Jonathan Waxman (a.k.a Jon Moodie) turned his back on it for the dazzling Big Apple lights.

Always immersed in music, he grew up as a boy prodigy trumpeter and was soon writing songs on scraps of cardboard and cereal boxes. Soon, he and fellow Catskillian, John Bernstein had formed an acoustic roots duo, Grassroots Beginnings, and, following that, Jon was swished into a studio to record an EP with Grammy-nominated producer, John White. But as Jon explored realms of songwriting previously unknown to him – brave chord changes, soulful lyrical concepts, a sultry rasp in his voice – the Catskills no longer suited his mindstate.

It was a good thing he left. Because in New York, his thoughtful, life-affirming songs quickly led to a deal with Big House Publishing and he formed a rock & soul trio, Jon & The Jones. The band’s debut album, City Of Gold, is scheduled for release on BHi Music Group in Spring 2016. A prolific writer, Jon has also started writing tracks for other artists and for his own solo project, where he is experimenting with blending electronic elements into his blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll blood. With recent collaborations including songstress/actress, Naturi Naughton (3LW, Fame, Power) and producer, Lamont “Logic” Coleman (Justin Bieber, Wyclef Jean, Aventura), Jon has also been making waves in the pop world, writing songs for some well-known and newly emerging artists. 2016 will undoubtedly be Jon’s year.


“Jon Moodie is a talent as large, subtle and complex as I have encountered, with a voice as soulful as his melodies are haunting, and lyrics that speak as movingly of sorrow as of love, of bitter regret as of transcendent joy. In Jon Moodie, I believe may be a talent that could well come to define a generation”                        Drew Hopkins – Editor Spin/Interview Magazine



Agency: BHi Music Group


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Nationality: US

Resident in: New York, NY