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Claude Gomis

Claude Gomis

Claude Gomis

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Claude Gomis hails from Dakar, Senegal, West Africa and currently resides in Brooklyn. A musician, painter, sculptor and producer, his sphere of artistry drew from traveling and performing with his father, Rudy Gomis of Orchestra Baobab. He performed and did art for OB and Positive Black Soul, painting backdrops of their show sets. He also created stadium-sized concert backdrops for Youssou N’dour, under Assane Sa. Claude’s devotion to art sent him around the globe until he landed in America. He has played shows with Midnite, a reggae band from St. Croix, and Brazooka Band, Les Souci, Junior Jazz, Sadao Watanabe and others. He crosses many musical genres, including Jazz, Reggae, Samba, the Blues and Bluegrass.

After finally settling in NY, he started Asiko Brothers, and was singer/percussionist. An offspring of this band was the Asiko Drum Convention, which had 15 members and played more traditional music. When Fela Kuti died, Claude was the lone percussionist who played at Summerstage.
Claude also helped spur the trend of playing percussion alongside trendy club music (Tunnel, Serafina, the Plumm, P.M., Lotus, Bembe and Joe’s Pub).
Claude writes songs, sings and plays percussion in the Mud Band, an amalgam of funky musicians that includes African and Latin percussionists, horn players, jazz vocalists, and a turntablist. He has released two full-length cds independently.