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Drink The Milk!

Drink The Milk!

Why hello to you magical people who managed to Google my name (congrats on being able to spell “Mohamdioua”!) and found this post. If this if your first read or you follow my rambles I would like to welcome you to another moment in my life. I know, it has been a while and you have probably been exasperated in my absence. I’m sorry… I’M SORRY! But life has been busy lately w all our writers and collabs.

For the first time in 10 years I managed to take a vacation to Mexico — I’ll update you on that adventure soon — and it seemed to reset me. I had a moment to step back and really evaluate what I want to do w my life. The answer? Exactly what I’m doing! It’s strange to look back at my life and see where I’ve come from. To be honest, I don’t know how I got here. Maybe I’m lucky. Maybe I just played the game of life right. Regardless, I’m humbly grateful to be where I’m at.

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The fact is I am supposed to be nothing. Listen to that again… I am supposed to be nothing. No irony in that statement. Just a simple truth of what was expected of me.

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My mother was a housewife until a certain point in her life and my father a freelance mechanic. I spent my early childhood in a home that was bought for $5,000USD in the ghettos of downtown Phoenix. If you graduated high school you were considered a success. If you were a girl and didn’t get pregnant and graduated high school it was considered a major success! The point is: No one makes it out. It’s the same story you hear around the world over-and-over again, right? But those are the so what’s.

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Everyday I have young artists from around the world that come into my life. By some happenstance they become my baby bro or baby sis. Maybe we were destined to be family. Who knows? And as our story unfolds one recurring theme comes up — they are shocked at how a kid who was destined to become nothing became something. And I’m at awe at how they became who they are! I can’t speak for them, but me? Now, I’m no one special. There are a million stories like mine. But, I didn’t accept what was expected of me. You see, the truth is that anything worth having in life doesn’t come easy. You have to fight to become what you want to become… while not forgetting where you come from. I will always be the mischievous little boy born in the 602. But past doesn’t define who you are, or who you will be. My turning point was being a child and realizing we didn’t have enough milk for breakfast. I remember my oldest sister eating a bowl of cereal, but she couldn’t drink the milk so the next sibling could eat… than Teresa wasn’t allowed to drink the milk after eating… than Luci… than Santiago… than me… until finally the youngest sister, Estrella, was allowed to eat and drink the milk because she needed it the most. My parent? They didn’t have breakfast. And I thought that I never wanted to be without milk.

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Today, I was speaking with one of our amazing interns about where I spent the first  years of my life and realized that I could buy the house I lived in. A place where I remember hearing sirens; a place where I would see drug dealers out my window; a place where so many turmoils and happy memories live; and, a place that part of me will always love. It was a powerful realization. Powerful to see the journey that I have walked since then and to know that through the evaluated experiences I’ve had I have become this person.

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My point: Take that leap of faith and bet on yourself! Every amazing singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer, or business giant was a novice at some point. Believe in yourself! Move out of your hometown to look for opportunity. Work 3 jobs (at one time I worked 5!) to strive towards your greatness. You cannot make someone believe in your potential if you are showing you do not believe in yourself… by your actions. I’ve seen so many people with an immense amount of potential cave under the pressure. Not because they didn’t have the capacity to handle it. But because of fear. My only question for you is: Do you want to drink the milk?


Drink it!

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