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NOVATO – Artist of the future

Read interview on TRACKRECORDS.MX — Originario de España, Novato es uno de los artistas jóvenes de la música urbana que está en una constante búsqueda de los sonidos del futuro. Inspirado en el dancehall y el afrobeat, el productor ha logrado introducir una nueva forma de componer trap y reggaetón.

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PRESS RELEASE: Big House Additions

New York-based Big House Companies (home to Big House Labs, Big House Publishing, Big House Recordings) gives an update on acquisitions, alliances and business deals.

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BILLBOARD // Dillon Francis Sticks to Moombahton Roots With ‘BaBaBa (Vete Pa’Ya) feat. Young Ash’: Listen

The release will be part of Francis’ upcoming Spanish language studio LP.

Following “Ven” and “We The Funk,” Dillon Francis offers up “BaBaBa (Vete Pa’Ya),” the third single to be released from his upcoming Spanish language studio album. The LP, which has yet to receive an exact release date, will arrive later this year on Francis’ IDGAFOS label and explores his moombahton roots.

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A week ago, Dillon Francis was asking fans which song he should drop next: “BaBaBa” or “Look At That Butt.” It turns out, “BaBaBa” featuring Young Ash was the winner here, as the song just dropped on Spotify with a full music video already available via YouTube.

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The Hype For Dillon Francis’ Album Continues With “BaBaBa (Vete Pa’ya) feat. Young Ash”

Dillon Francis has been creating a massive buzz leading up to his upcoming album. Dropping “Ven”, “We The Funk” and “Sexo”, the producer has been on a tear of infusing Latin-culture into his music.

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Dillon Francis has been on a tear with Spanish infused music since the turn of the new year. Dropping “Ven”, “We The Funk” and “Sexo” thus far in 2018, he has continued to keep the world dancing and loving every second of these tracks (though many of us find ourselves on Google Translate trying to figure out what the hell the message is though it is pretty apparent in “Sexo). Over the past few weeks, Uncle Dill has been teasing another vibed out track set to drop in May. He has taken to Twitter to make announcements in recent days. Most recently he announced the release of a Moombahton track to be delivered to fans this week. Also, there was this inspirations tweet.

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Dillon Francis drops new single feat. Young Ash from upcoming Spanish language album

Dillon Francis has been hyping up his new Spanish language album that is expected to be released in 2018. He has been dropping singles from it — the latest being “BaBaBa (Vete Pa’Ya).” The high-energy track integrates elaborate synth combinations with drums, shaping the background around the vocalist.

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